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How to add music to itunes and the iPhone using iTunes

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How to add music to itunes and the iPhone using iTunes by Softonic

Once you've installed iTunes it’s time to start adding your music and then sending it to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. In this video, we will explain how.

The first step is to go to the menu and find the Add File to Library option - or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O.
Next, browse your folders and select the song or songs you want to add. Now, when you go to "My Music" in iTunes, all the songs that you have added will see displayed.

You can also drag and drop entire folders into the iTunes window. If you do this, all of the music files in the folder will show up in your "playlist".

Here, what iTunes is doing, is creating references to the local folders where your songs are stored - but you can consolidate your library and copy songs to make it easier to move your music library from one device to another.

To move a song from iTunes to iPhone you have to go to the device icon, and in the Music section, select "Sync Music" option.

From there, you can set it move your entire iTunes music library to your device, or select specific lists, artists, albums, and genres to move.
Once you have the ones you want selected, just click Apply. Remember that iPhones and other iOS devices can only sync with one iTunes library at a time, so – if you try to add a second library - all the music you have will be erased and the syncing process must be started again.

You enjoy your music.

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